Friday, 20 June 2003
The new design of www.huizentoppers.nl is done. On-line Dutch real estate advertisements All pages now have the new, professional colours and graphics.

The underlying ranking mechanism has not changed. The most popular houses are on top of the first page, with the most StarStarStarStarStar.

All visitors together determine the stars. So there must be a bit of collective intelligence in the stars.

Which houses are popular, which are not? What is the success factor?

See the current top 10 below.
It seems to me that the picture has the biggest influence. Visitors seems to care less about price, location and description.

The past week the subscribers on huizentoppers got tools that answer such questions. They can use the tools for a competitor analysis.

I won't wait to see the results of that analysis. Later today I leave for Stockholm to join a mid summer night party.

The next few nights I'll sleep in the category holiday, with just one bedroom and without description. It is a tent, small enough to fit into my backpack. It does not have an online photo. And it does not have to. The tent is not for sale. The upcoming days I'll stay far away from analysis.

Till next nut,