23 April 2007


SUMit's shift roster design trainings are running well, from Dutch Gouda to Sydney down under.

Every participant receives a pretty handout with sheets in colour.

I was buying ink jet cartridges by the dozen.

So, once again, I followed Mike Leyvyssohn's advice and purchased a HP2600 laser printer.

It was for sale on discount at van Rietschoten, at shopping centre de Keizerswaard in Rotterdam.

This laser printer has been printing quite a lot.

It took only half a year to empty most of the cartridges.

Before my journey the ink cartridges were even almost empty.

So I ordered new ones: black, yellow, blue and red.

I am back in Holland for only a few weeks now, but the printer has been busy as usual.

I've already replaced the black cartridge.

It looks like yellow will be next.

While printing a bit of promotional material for route planning the printer stops.

Replace cyan cartridge.

All right, no worries. The printer gets a fresh yellow cartridge.

Go for it printer!

The machine won't start, how rude.

Replace cyan cartridge.

Huh, I just replaced that one, didn't I?

Now did I mix up the old and the new cartridge?

No probs, in goes the other cartridge.

No, no success.

Replace cyan cartridge.

This is driving me insane.

The most heavy cartridge must be the new one.

I scribble 'old' on the other with a marker.

Now, that should end all confusion.

I give the new cartridge an extra shake and off you go printing!

No: Replace cyan cartridge.

Now, this gets beyond a joke.

This cartridge is a few months old, but not used yet.

Now, wait a minute. Cyan? Which colour is that? That is blue!

And damn, the printer happily resumes working when fed with a fresh blue cartridge!

And the old yellow cartridge worked all the way till yesterday.

This was when the printer showed a new message: Replace yellow cartridge.

Now, that is a instruction, clear even to a colour illiterate like me!

Till next Nut,