18 June 2007


Earth is getting warmer. Here in the Netherlands summer started in April. The Netherlands are getting a sub tropical climate and that is fine with me.

The climate change is less fortunate for other places on earth. Australia is suffering severe droughts. A shortage of drinking water is eminent. Now that is less desirable.

What to do if deserts expand?

Where to go?

  1. Look at earth from above the poles.
  2. In winter it is way too dark in the polar circles.
  3. The extending deserts will worsen the water shortage.
  4. The place for a comfortable life will be between polar circle and the edge of the growing deserts.
In the northern hemisphere Canada, Scandinavia and Siberia will become the hotspots to be.
In the southern hemisphere New Zealand's Southern Island is the place to be.
So think ahead. Buy your share of land sub tropical Siberia now!

Till next nut,