In this course you have learned:
  1. Define the scope of a database.
  2. Structure individual data elements to an ERD in third normal form.
  3. Optimise a database, make it more efficient through technical optimisation.
  4. Implement tables and columns in a database.
You know have sufficient theoretical knowledge to create a database yourself.

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This training material is online for evaluation purposes. You can watch all theory almost for free.

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Attend training

Database design theory seems rather simple. You'll only find out how difficult it is when you start designing a real database.

During the course you design a database yourself, mentored by an experienced trainer.
foto Henk Jan
Henk Jan Nootenboom
(author DB course)

  1. Each piece of theory is followed by an exercise.
  2. The trainer answers your questions.
  3. After the course you'll receive a certificate.
Interested? Contact Henk Jan Nootenboom, the author of this course.

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