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Efficient Database Design Efficient Database Design
E-Commerce course E-Commerce with data driven websites
Create a home page with HTML Create a home page with HTML
Roster Planning Software Roster Planning Software
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Efficient Database Design

Database Learn how you design a database that meets the desired functionality and gives a good performance. You learn:

Evaluate the online course material, free and without any obligation. You will know the course before you participate.

3 days

€ 2,158.-
per attendee

E-Commerce with data driven websites

PHP Learn the techniques to build commercial sites. You learn:
  • a number of tips for screen design,
  • generate HTML with the programming language PHP,
  • create a table with columns in a MySQL database,
  • SQL for a search program and simple maintenance functions.

See for a Dutch E-Commerce house broker site, written by an ex course participant: Erik Spinhoven of Comwave.

3 days

€ 2,158.-
per attendee

Create a home page with HTML

After the course you'll be able to create this home page Learn to make a professional website with HTML: text, headers, lists, images, links, colour and tables. 3 hours

€ 208.-
per attendee

Roster Planning Software

JAVA demo of matrix optimisation Learn to write software that matches questions and demand perfectly, maximum quality or minimal costs.

You learn programming techniques for the matrix algorithm of the Hungarian professors König & Egervary. See the demo in JAVA.

2 half days

€ 718.-
per attendee


  • Each attendee works with individual course material, gets personal guidance at exercises and receives a certificate after the course.
  • For all courses there is a maximum of 5 participants.
  • All course prices are
    • exclusive of 19% BTW (Dutch VAT),
    • exclusive of costs for transport and accommodation
  • All courses are given by an experienced trainer that knows the course material inside out, and will anser questions about your specific situation.
  • After the course you receive an invoice with a payment due of 2 weeks.
For additional work, software development, you can hire manpower on contract basis.


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