Monday, 28 December 1998
Economic crisis in Asia? Here in Malaysia it's hardly noticed. There is still plenty of economic activity.

There restaurant is quite full. Business is good. All kind of employees enjoy breakfast, just before work. I have some Roti Canai, a kind of pancake. A Chinese man asks if he can join my table. Sure. His newspaper shows picture of European protest demonstrations against the USA. "Prime ministers says that the international community should look for piece, not war." Asian newspapers have a different view on news. "Prime minister says" is important. The rest of the world is of secondary importance.

SUMit homepage Java Programmer About Nut Senior OO Systems Analyst Contact Henk Jan Business Card Henk Jan Nootenboom A bit further down I order some business cards. Fullcolor and double sided, an unknonw luxury in the west, pretty normal here. That shop is busy too.

My old house has new inhabitants. A Malay royal family now enjoys the great view and the pool M'n old neighbour is not at all surprised that I pop by. She is a composer, a profession in the luxury service sector, the place for the first economic setbacks. Still, no reasons for complaining. She has plenty of work. She somposes the music for a big musical.

An excollegue moved for a few extra rooms. Housekeeping is no proble, the maid takes care of that. Her new house even has a seperate bathroom, for occasional guests. Still the house is not large enough. Just one of the two cars fits on the yard. She can't imagine that this luxyry is unaffordable in Holland. Do Dutch have a higer standard of living than the Malaysians? I doubt so. The Dutch may have a higher income, but Malaysians have a more luxury life.

Economic crisis in Asia? Well, just a flew, no worries. By now the worst seems over already. Anyway, Malaysians don't worry too much.

Till next week.