Monday, 1 February 1999
The market has alighted in Gouda city center. Every week I make my round along the stalls. Market in Gouda It was a bit of a search at first, but now I blindly find the greengrocer, bakery and poulterer. It's a small market and all merchants have a fixed location.

A merchant loudly advertises his goods. Fifteen guilders per sweater, second one freeeee! He is doing good business. Customers jostle each other for his merchandise. I pause for a moment. In amazement I look at the hubbub.

At the very same spot I bought a pillow a few months ago, at another stall, and another merchant. It is as if he is reading my mind. He looks at me and proclaims loudly: Not good? No worries, just come back. We'll be here again in four weeks time! His remark is an encouragement for the customers. The racks empty rapidly.

So, next week there will be another stall at this spot. 'The sweater man is a passer-by' I think to myself and continue my round. The merchant sees me walk on. To him I am the passer-by.

A few hours later the market is gone. To the square the whole market goes by. The fixed locations of the stalls are just an illusion. They come and go, week after week. However, if you would visit the market weekly, you would not even notice that they have been gone.

Is this "Nut's Weekly" passing your screen, or are you passing the 'Nut'? It's not that important. Motion is relative and highly dependent on perspective, frequency and duration of the observation.

Surf along this passer-by next week!