Monday, 6 December 1999
This Nut's Weekly gives you the opportunity to know your boss a bit better. Lots of managers are still a bit linked to their roots. Their old profession still shines through their current actions. Study your boss a bit and choose one of the following profiles:

The salesman

The craftsman

Looks Wears the latest fashion, hot suits, dark blue or black, with a quality shirt underneath.
Drives a shining lease car.
A short sleeved shirt. Wears tie and jacket only if really necessary.
Drives a quality car.
character Full of initiative, risk taker, leading, sensitive for status and fame Creative, sensitive for quality products
career Job hopper, entered the company by selling himself well as manager Got promoted over the years to own level of incompetence and got stuck
how to increase profit Attract more customers, increase revenue Quality improvement, increase price
Weak Points Fails to see operational capacity problems Fails to see social problems among employees

The bookkeeper

The socio

Looks Wears an outfit from last year's sale. Dull, unobtrusive colours.
Cycles to work but claims travel expenses, by public transport second class, well within all rules
Casual, with an occasional tie or bow tie.
Arrives by public transport, as that is an opportunity to meet interesting people.
character avoids risks, accurate, follower, loves "filled forms" Primary focuses on people, relations, gossip
career Fell upwards over the years due to lack of weight Requested to apply by management friends
how to increase profit Cost cutting, no matter what it takes Team spirit, a joint effort
Weak Points troublesome communication with artistic, creative employees. Bad in unexpected situations. A much too positive view of the world. Plays down problems until the pitcher comes home broken.
Have fun categorising your boss into one of the above profiles.

Till next week!