Monday, 28 May 2001
A village has landed.

Usually it is quite quiet in the big parking lot behind the SUMit headquarters. But now it is lively and bustling. The normally so dull parking place is now tainted with bright red and blue, the colours of the village inhabitants.

The inhabitants walk up and down, taking care of their business. I'm impressed by their approach.

  • It takes just a few hours to erect the whole village (, sorry Dutch only), including living, sleep and shower quarters, stables for the animals and a spacious hall for the audience to enjoy the show.
  • Their promotional campaing is very successful. The whole of Gouda knows of their coming.
  • Strangers are welcome in this village. The local supermarket has discount coupons for tickets.
They have taken good care of business. Yet, the attitude in the village is relaxed. Groups of villagers are having a cup of tea, enjoying the May sun.

This village is called Circus Renz ( They have pitched their tents in Gouda before. Yet, I've never taken the opportunity to visit their show. Shame on me. Anyway, it has been years since I've visited a circus show. This circus remains in Gouda for just a few days ( So, go HJ, and go now!

The circus impresses this self employed software developer. The tent as well as all other equipment are in tip top shape. All village dwellers extend a hearty welcome to all visitors. Everything runs smoothly. Candyfloss, hot dogs and popcorn complete the party mood, even before the show has started.

The parking lot has been transformed into a world of show, glitter, glamour, excitement and international artists. I am held spellbound by this world for a number of hours.

The program ( is good, sweet and innocent entertainment, well directed and to the accompaniment of a live band. World class, all thumbs up!

Outside, I'm back at the parking lot at the back door. Away from the world, back in the village of Gouda.

Till next week,