Monday, 11 February 2002

Old news

The week is over and I haven't even finished reading last week's Saturday newspaper.

The news in this paper is completely outdated after a week. The paper sees the world as it was last Saturday, a snapshot without any knowledge of the week that followed it.

For example, a columnist predicted that the Saturday readership would be down. He feared the competition of the Dutch royal wedding on television. An outdated prediction, it was the interest in the television broadcast that was disappointing.

Swans cause traffic jam

Hot news: At the moment there is a small traffic jam outside. A couple of swans are walking down the road in front of the office. They look confused, asif they have lost their way to the water. Subdued they are blocking traffic, right in the middle of the road.
  • Why are these birds in the city? Why don't they go into the country side?
  • Are their brains still programmed for an environment devoid of humans?
  • Are they looking for the wide open spaces which have been gone for decades?

Dead links

Last week I've checked the SUMit website for dead links, outdated pointers to things that are not current anymore.

Till last year, I was always able to do this check manually. But now the site has grown to large for a manual checkup. I scanned the internet for a dead link checker, but could not find anything to my liking. I thus put my shoulder to the grindstone and developed a bit of software myself.

The page on web design links in particular needed quite a bit repair work. But, all's well that ends well and all links are live again.

Even dead links expire...

Till next week,