Monday, 22 April 2002

Mobile phones should have wires.

I don't know about you, but when my mobile phone rings I'm off in a quest searching for it. I'll find it eventually, for example somewhere deep in a coat pocket on the cloath peg.

It is fortunate the thing has to be recharged every now and then. For a moment the mobile has a fixed location, connected to the recharger by wire. It's easy to find. Follow the wire to find the mobile phone. But a phone connected to the wall with a wire is not really mobile anymore.

So, the ideal phone is mobile yet has a wire. The wire must be mobile, preferrably easy recognisable and in connection to a power point.

  1. Create many hollow power points in the ceiling.
  2. Connect a wire through a balloon to a power point.
  3. Connect the mobile to the wire and voila.
While at home you'll always see the mobile above you. You can walk around with it. The balloon will follow you. After the conversation you just let go of the mobile to have it recharged.

Till next week,