Monday, 8 July 2002

Umbrellas are absurdities!

An umbrella is a bad shelter against the rain.
  • An umbrella is totally unsuitable for the combination of wind and rain.
    And guess what, most of the time rains comes with wind.
  • It takes a hand to hold an umbrella.
    It is quite an effort to aim an umbrella against the wind.
  • Sooner or later the wind is stronger than the ribs.
    As soon as one rib breaks down, the umbrella degrades to a rag beyond repair.

An invention

Egg-shelter protects against the rain and keeps your hands free
  • Create an egg-shell, of tiled triangles.
  • Create a backpack with a bar, rising to the top of the egg-shell.
  • Create a nifty mechanism so the egg-shelter can shift and rotate in all directions.

Egg-shelter tilting against the wind When the wind blows the egg-shellter

  1. Will find the position with the lowest resistance.
  2. Tilting against the wind.
  3. Providing optimal protection against the rain.
When the rain stops the egg-shelter is easy to pack. The triangular segments shift nicely on top of each other, forming a stacked pack of bent triangles.

The egg-shellter

  • protects against wind and rain,
  • keeps both hands free,
  • does not have weak folding ribs.
The egg-shelter is a world-class invention, if I may say so myself.

Till next week,