Monday, 14 October 2002
Which user interface is most easy to select a relative date, like Wednesday next week?
Calender popup Simple listbox

Recommended by Willem Visser,
Software Futures, Cape Town

A simple alternative, a listbox where each option starts with the day of the week.
A popular way to specify a date is by providing the user with a calender popup. Cute, but it requires quite a few mouse movements.
  1. Change from keyboard to mouse.
  2. Point at the button.
  3. Click to open the popup.
  4. Search for the second Wednesday.
  5. Move the mouse to the right date.
  6. Click on the date.
  7. Change from mouse to keyboard.
The listbox allows one to very quickly select a relative date from a limited range of options:
  1. Type a "W" for next Wednesday.
  2. Type another "W" for the Wednesday of the week after.

Even easier, auto completion of input

Date finder
This date demo requires a Java plug-in.
In this browser this Java plug-in is not active yet.

Advice: Download the free Java plug-in from:

It should be even easier. Why can't the computer find next Wednesday the 23th?

Till next week,