Monday, 29th December 2003
Norwegian tunnel
Bieslog's Norwegian tunnel is a hit among Dutch Internet surfers.

It fascinates the Dutch to see a two lane road with hardly any traffic. In this busy country we are not used to such a silence.

To the Dutch the tunnel is a symbol of Norwegian quietness and space. Wie de Bie calls it Nothing's beauty. I could not agree more.

The tunnel is a source of rest while dark days pass by.

  1. In the morning it is nice to see that the sun in Norway rises even later than in dark Holland.
  2. The Norwegian morning traffic jam consists of 2, sometimes even 3 cars at a time. A quantity that raises a smile among the Dutch. O dear, 2 or 3 cars at the same time... What an oasis of rest compared to the daily jams on all inter city highways here.
  3. During daytime things are quiet. A sparse Norwegian is on the road.
  4. In the afternoon the Norwegian street lights are on while dawn is yet to begin here.
  5. While the Norwegian rush hour rushes through the tunnel, it's another traffic jam here.
  6. During evenings and nights the tunnel is almost deserted.

Questions that need no answer

  • Is the web cam an eye of the Norwegian road authorities?
  • What is the precise location of the tunnel?
  • Where does it lead to?
  • Why a tunnel, what is above it?
  • How many traffic passes unnoticed?
    The photo refreshes only once a minute. Are things really that quiet?
    Or should be multiply the number of cars by 20?
I don't wish to know the answers.
I prefer the questions to be open.

The tunnel is like a sturdy rock. The sun shines, it rains, it snows, car drivers come and go, the tunnel just accepts and let it all pass. The tunnel is a constant, in an ever changing world.

I like that quietness. This year has been hectic enough.

At the very end of 2003 I just started an ended a new project: a design of new roster software, with special thanks to the gentlemen of 4uIT. Early 2004 we hope to delight the first customers with it.

I'm detaching my self from computers, go unplugged and go for Mata Hari. That's Malay for Eye of the day, the hot tropical sun. Malaysia does have it's tunnels, but I prefer something even less hectic, some mountain top, a jungle or a beach.

Selamat tahun baru and till next nut,