Monday 21st March 2005
You are not mocking me, are you? The tailor inspects me with a mix of suspicion, disbelief, doubt and pleasure. He just digged up a lady boot with a missing sole from my broken, half, old travel bag.

It will be his job to replace the zipper of the bag, no worries, but:

His eyebrows keep rising when he finds out I will be out of town next week, unable to pick up the bag. What is this man doing in Haarlem for only two days? Normal people are working at this time. What is this stranger doing in this town, with a broken bag and a lady boot? The key to the answer lies at my feet: Jessy, a fox terrier, 7 months old. Her boss is off to a two day training. I am the stand in, taking care of the dog for 2 days.

The lady boot is not mine, it is not Jessy's either, but it belongs to her boss. She lost part of the sole yesterday. Now Jessy and I are on our way to the shoe maker. It is a nice walk, a good break from work. The laptop is hibernating for the moment. On our way we ran across this tailor, an unexpected chance to get the bag repaired.

My bag has been broken for ages and I am unable to repair it myself. It is an old bag, 15 years at least. Yes, it is worn out, but I'm attached to it. This bag has travelled the world all over.

The odd splitable bag is perfect for travelling.

One half was big enough for this walk to the shoe maker. The other half keeps the laptop company. Later, on my way to home, both parts will rejoin. But now it is an odd half bag, old and worn out, with half a zipper and a lady boot.

But well, I think it is better not explain it all. It is a too complex, complicated story. So I just simplify into a short summary: No, I am not mocking you. The boot is broken. Look, a part of the sole is missing. The tailor understands my point and supplies a plastic bag.

With one lady boot in that plastic bag Jessy and I continue our path in this foreign city. Mocking? No, no, on the contrary. We are on a very serious mission. Jessy and I are teaming up, forming the sole-repair-unit. We are taking a stroll so the boss can walk.

Till next nut,