Monday, 25th April 2005
Thesis: There is a difference between getting information and posting a decision.

This division seems clear: Getting information is not the same thing as taking a decision.
  Getting information Taking a decision
Result Shows information. Records data.
Impact none, is repeatable makes a difference
Looks hyperlink form with button

Clear difference

The planning screen of the SUMit Roster program shows a clear distinction:
  • All hyperlinks show other information
  • The button "Save" records taken decisions.

More difficult distinction: Search

The difference is more difficult at a search screen.

Searching visitors seek information, that does not seem to be a decision. Yet, their quest is recorded.

Google allows you to

So a search action does record data, makes a difference through a form with a button.

Hmm, that does look a lot like a decision

End of GET?

Now, this train of thoughts imposes a difficulty. A lot of users do not realize that their actions are recorded.
  • Are all clicked hyperlinks decisions as well?
  • Are all visited web pages decisions because they are recorded in the history of the browser?
  • Can something be a decision, even if the decision taker is not aware of taking it?
  • Does that turn all of your actions on the Internet into decisions?

Easy to record data

  • Dutch time is now: 00:21:48 2024p 19 Jul 2024.
  • Your IP adres:
  • You surf via:
  • Your Browser: CCBot/2.0 (
All of this can only lead to one conclusion, a firm decision:
It is impossible to get information without taking a decision.

Abolish the GET via hyperlinks.