Monday, 20th June 2005
Wide means luxury, wide means comfort.
  • Most business cards are in landscape.
  • Business envelopes are horizontal.
  • Open a newspaper or magazine and it will more wide than high.
The wide SUMit Buddha that puzzles about your shift rosters
  • A cinema screen has extra width.
  • A wide screen laptop is pleasant to work with.
  • A keyboard is wide, not deep.
  • Buddha's are wide, not long.
  • 1st class chairs are wider than those in second class.
  • A wide sofa is more comfortable than a high bar stool.


Why is wide so comfortable?
Because our eyes are next to each other? Because our arms have an enormous reach? Because it is easier to walk left and ride than to climb up?

I don't know. It is just the way. Wide is pleasant. Wide is luxurious.


Now, why are most sheets of paper printed in portrait, not in landscape?
Thesis: luxurious, business correspondence should be printed in landscape from now on.

Till next nut,

Special thanks to Gerben Nooyen for his inspiring words