Monday, 15th August 2005


frog The frog retired too early. The amphibian assisted me solving lots of difficult puzzles, but is now just collecting dust.

The animal looks a bit sad. The unemployed life obviously does not excite him. He longs for the wet, the drought gets under his skin.

The reason for the frog's early retirement is an update of my bathroom. Last winter it got a new bath. This bath is a bit wider than the previous one. So it holds more warm water, taking longer to cool down.

The successor of the frog is a smooth plug, a design thing. Pretty it is, but very boring. Logical puzzles are hard to solve when inspired by a smooth round disk. I miss the frog with all it's complex shapes.

After half a year of struggling the frog can't handle my agony any longer. In an uncontrolled moment he leaped back into the tub. He quickly kicked out the polished disk.

Now, when the last bit of water runs out of the tub, the frog loudly croaks with contentment. He is back in his element, enjoys the alternating wet and dry. The frog is a volunteer, back in business. Isn't it good, fun earning food?

Till next nut,
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