24 July 2006


The big carpet of my office is covered with It is a paper chaos.

That paper chaos is a collection of intermediate results, a paper prototype. They were valuable as intermediate results, now degraded to old paper.

As soon as the paper prototype is ready, I clear the intermediate results. They pile up to a small mountain.

Hey, now this is not exactly cleaning up Henk Jan. You are just centralising garbage! is all I hear in return for my efforts. Well, is there a difference between cleaning up and centralising?

A decentral mess

So, what happens when this old paper gets recycled into new paper? That is where the chaos starts:
  1. The factory supplies many wholesalers.
  2. Every wholesaler supplies many stores.
  3. A store sells to many customers.
  4. And those customers use paper at many locations.
The new paper will have turned into fresh garbage, fully decentralised.

The sniplets of papier at my carpet were the maximum state of decentralisation. Past that point things only get better. Centralisation started as soon as those fragments topped the paper mountain, My pile is not garbage. Such a mountain is the starting point in a sequence of increasing order.

Be aware of decentralisers as factories, wholesalers, shops and especially software designers. Especially the last group is a notorious bunch. O dear of dear these folk realy mess up with all their cutting and pasting!

Till next nut,