Taiping, 26 March 2007


The pile of clean shirts gets smaller and smaller.

Taiping (Perak, Malaysia) is a hot place.

The sun is out in mornings only.

In the afternoon clouds come, with reliable heavy rain to follow.

So, unlike the Australian desert the heat here comes wet.

In Australia, 42 degrees is a fine temperature for a happy stroll.

It is a lot cooler here, about 30 degrees.

Yet sweat runs down all over my body.

So shirts don't stay dry for long.

The laundry service here is doing good business.

Last week they washed all my dirty laundry back to clean clothes.

Yet, this laundry service will not make any more money out of me.

The pile of clean shirts is getting smaller, yet is still big enough to last till the end of the journey.

All dirty shirts clog together in the laundry bag.

It is the destination for every shirt that once was clean and dry.

To wash applies to a shirt that was clean and dry once.

Would willsh be a better name for wash?

Because what is wet and dirty now, will be clean and dry back home?

Till next nut,