19 November 2007


Could driving get a lot safer and faster? See the map below of a future road network.

A different roadmap

This road map is different than the current ones.
There are no real main roads and by-roads.

Drivers will select a route that flows best. Traffic nicely spreads to different roads. It is the end of traffic jams.

Navigation systems simply show a colour with the right direction.

A driver heading north-east drives on many green roads.

The network has only one way roads. It is the end of head-on collisions.

The colour of the road indicates direction.
All yellow roads go east.

Crossroads seize to exist.

There are just merges and splits, always using a smooth 60 angle degree. Most of the time traffic will zip and flow smooth.

The grey hexagons are roundabouts.

Most traffic at roundabouts goes straight, allowing plenty of time to select the right lane.

Traffic at roundabouts always have priority. Elsewhere traffic coming from the right has priority, although priority rules will be needed only scarcely.

A roundabout allows major changes of direction.

This will lead to a major colour change, for example from green to purple.

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