14 January 2008

Far speakers

A phone is a handy invention. In old times you had to shout to reach someone far away. Those days are over.


Casuarina Café

  • Hot meals, Excellent soups
  • Asian dishes, Western meals
  • Coffee, tea or fresh fruit juice.
All servings come
with a free smile
and the best view in Taiping.

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Casuarina Café
1 Jalan Sultan Mansor Shah
Taman Tasek
34000 Taiping, Malaysia
Tel +60-5-8041339

A phone renders shouting obsolete. You can speak at a normal volume and have a normal conversation, even when your interlocutor is outside hearing distance. Isn't modern technology wonderful?

Here in Malaysia mobile phones are very popular. Yet, loud and far are still connected concepts.

Shouting can still be of use for people without a phone. But no, here a far-speaker is a loudspeaker, even with a phone. It looks like people use phones as megaphones.

Shouting goes a long way, to far, even to Malaysian standards. Even in restaurants, cafes and cinemas it is normal to shout. The radio broadcasts educational advertisements with a revolutionary thought:

Mute your phone while in a cinema.

Well, switching the damned things off wold be even better, but that is a thought beyond imagination.

Work at the Casuarina terrace

The terrace of the Taiping Casuarina Inn is wonderful: This Casuarina Inn terrace is SUMit HQ for a couple of weeks. I am working in a quiet corner.
  1. Early morning the sun rises above the mountains. It is a quiet and cool moment of the day.
  2. In daytime I enjoy the wonderful view unless it gets too hot, when I take shelter in my air conditioned office.
  3. In the evening the view disappears into the tropical night. The terrace is conveniently lit for my evening shift.
  4. The terrace day ends with a bit of light reading.
So, a perfect location to develop planning software for the SCA factory in Gennep, the Netherlands. Well, as long as the terrace is free of loud-speakers, that is.

My accountant will probably raise his eyebrows when he sees a recent business investment: a large stock of ear plugs. Those ear plugs upgrade the Casuarina Inn terrace, from a noisy café back to a agreeable work location. The shouting now faints into a background for me.

The loud-speakers are far-speakers. If you get what I mean from afar.

Till next nut,