Port Lincoln, 10 February 2008

Knee bag

Port Lincoln is a nice town. It is like the French Riviera, but without the French, just like South-West Australia.

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During the past couple of weeks I have been writing software here, in my spacious cabin and at the beach. The hardest software puzzles dissolve while getting my feet wet along the shore.

The staff planning system for SCA is approaching completion. It is not done yet, but not a full daytime job anymore. I'll finish the remaining bits and pieces during my evening shifts. Ho, ho, ho, there is a bit of holiday at the end of this journey.

An attempt to rent a second hand motorbike has failed. For a week I tried to buy a second hand one. That did not work out, as Australians are too relaxed to do business. That is a pity, as I would have loved to explore the Eyre peninsula a bit more.


For the final couple of days in Port Lincoln I rent a push bike to explore the environment a bit.

Are you used to cycling? This question from the cycle lender surprises me.

Yes, no worries. I even have my own helmet and lock.


Well, me and my big mouth... Less than ten minutes later, the gravel in front my cabin is too loose. My front wheel looses grip and I slide down with my bike, now that has not happened in years..

And down I went. Not during a risky descend in some rough terrain of a national park, so, silly sliding because of gravel in a cabin park, at my own front door.


Al my shorts are in laundry. As an exception I happen to wear my a decent pair of trousers today.

They are the only pair I brought along. It is the most formal piece of my travelling wardrobe. I bought it last year in Alice Springs, beautiful green, to give shift roster design training in Sydney to the Royal Australian Navy.

And yes, this fine pair now has two holes at my left knee. O damn it :(


What to do?
  • Stitch it up using the brown thread, the only colour I brought along?
  • Repair with a piece of cloth?
No, it would not fit the finest piece of my wardrobe. There has to be a better solution.


It takes an hour of puzzling to find a way. How to repair this pair of trousers as decent as possible?

The solution is a bit unconventional, yet simple: There is a small coin pocket stitched above the right pocket. And it is easy to take it off!

This coin bag is now at my left knee. Sewed almost invisible with brown thread. And... how handy it is.

The next day I cycle to the Lincoln National Park. The knee bag is the perfect place to store some money and a entry permit. The knee bag is easy accessible, even while cycling. Each and every cycle trousers should have a knee bag! Who can live without a knee bag nowadays?

Till next nut,