30 April 2008

Laid in

A frozen bottle of water lies thawing in a washing up bowl.

There are a few other frozen bottles waiting in the freezer. They will hit the water later, when the current bottle is completely thawed.

Those froze bottles are cooling my foot. My right foot is swollen.

Now, I do not know exactly what is wrong, it is probably Bursitis.

So, keep it cool, hoping things shrink back to normal, as I am reluctant to venture into medical bureaucracy.

The cause of the infected tendon are well broken in shoes.

Those shoes have made good mileage walking, yet did not lay any long distance yet.

This week I am a reclining cyclist, for the sake of a trial.

This week the reclining bike centre in Brielle has rented me a fast reclining push bike.

It is awesome to speed across cycle tracks with this untrained body.

I feel like riding against the wind during a short trial, both ways. So I must outspeed air.

It is like normal push bikes are standing still.

Speed cyclists are overtaking me, huffing and puffing.

Those fanatics are not aware that I am just making a horizontal stroll.

Distances shrink.

The Maastunnel in Rotterdam is now a racetrack. The speed blows water from my eyes.

I keep changing to higher gears, yet... I don't get to the to one, as the tunnel is too short.

Hit the brakes to stop in time for the escalators!

As a preparation, I cycled around the Lakes of Reeuwijk.

It was quite an effort for me, taking the larger part of a day with a normal push bike.

A few days later, the same track around the lakes degrades to a small desert of a day trip.

So the only downside is my right foot. It started to hurt after a few days.

Sturdy shoes are made for walking, but the tough leather hammers my Achilles heels when cycling.

The method of cooling with the bowl works well. The swelling shrinks. The pain fades away.

OK, so much for damage control. Now, fix the root of the problem.

I get an ancient pair of All Stars from a dusty archive. Old All Stars shoes

They had reinforcements for the ankles, which are crumbling to pieces now. The linen is torn to pieces.

So these shoes are utterly unsuitable for walking.

Yet they are now perfect for reclining bicycles.

After spending years in the dust they are well ... ...laid in!

Till next nut,