15 June 2008



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Stjärnsfors Herrgård Apartments Call now +46 563 23232

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Driving directions

Drive 3km east from the T-junction near Hotel Uddeholm .

Follow the signs to Ridskola
(horse driving school Stjärnsfors)

In Vämland the summer days never seem to end. The kilometres are longer too. From the view tower in Hagfors I see hills and lakes, lakes and hills till the horizon. The endless land with its trees, trees and trees just radiates peace and warmth.

Vämland lives up to its name "warm land". Rise at 5 in the morning. It will be warm already. You can wear shorts as the sun has been shining for many hours.

The sun shines much and often in Sweden. Sweden is blessed with a gigantic rain screen called Norway. The Norwegian mountains catch the rain so the sun can shine here.

Last week I was manically hyper active with Johan van den Boom. Creative ideas fly all over this place. The new icons for the web site of SUMit Shift Rosters are materialising.

But after a week of long days my battery is just flat out.

As an expert in shift rosters I have to find a new rhythm here for myself.

My Dutch rhythm is out of tune with Swedish reality. The Swedes have a simple solution: Divide the long Swedish day into two Dutch days.

  1. Rise in the morning at 5 o clock. That is fairly late, hours after sunrise. Have a siësta after this first half.
  2. Then rise for the second time. Dutch lunch will be a second Swedish breakfast.
  3. The sunset is around midnight. It is a fine moment to head for bed quickly, before the sun starts to rise shortly afterwards.
Now, the word siësta does not fit this environment.

So I like to take this opportunity to enrich the Swedish vocabulary with a new concept: midsommerdagnap.

Till next nut,