54 August 2008


Trees move.

Leaves wiggle in the wind.

This wiggling is not a real move.

Wiggling is a detour to the point of start.

Nobody sees trees digging holes.

Nobody sees trees grow.

Yet, trees do grow way up into the air.

Trees move up, heading for light.

Trees also react horizontally to their environment.

An open spot in the forest?

New trees pop up fast.

Trees do not grow in size.

Trees also change shape.

This year's branches differ from last year's.

Old branches break down.

New branches grow towards the light.

Light is food.

Trees race towards food.

Light feeds growth.

Growth gives light.

High trees catch more light.

High trees put others in the shade.

Trees probably wonder about animals.

Why do animals hardly grow?

Why don't animals grow new branches?

Why do animals live at ground level in the shade?

Why don't animals grow towards light?

Must animals feed on plants, as second hand light?

Till next nut,