30 November 2008


A circle offers maximum surface with minimal contour.

Squeeze circles tight and get hexagrams.

Hexagrams are squeezed circles.

Linked hexagrams are a perfect fill for a surface.

A sphere is the 3D version of a circle.

Which 3D shape is the perfect fill for a space?

What is the shape of linkable, squeezed spheres?

Each tightly links sphere has
  • 3 neighbors above,
  • 6 neighbors aside
  • and 3 neighbors below.
See the bottom lower sphere at the picture with 3 neighbors above, and 6 neighbors aside.
Spheres are a great place, to retreat in Canadian forests.

Each of those spheres is a house offering maximum space with minimal material, same story with
the sphere home in Sao Paulo

Inflate the spheres to hexasphere to a perfect fill of space.

Linked hexaspheres are great for building a home.

There is no need to move to bigger house.

Just add an extra room.

Spheres can be stacked. 4 spheres make a small pyramid.

The picture shows 4 links mini pyramids, a model for a modular house.

Till next nut,