Wallaroo, 3 March 2009


Turning point

A pint of Guinness marks the turning point in Auburn.

The big map shows roads heading west, towards the ferry from Wallaroo to Lucky Bay.

Yet I regret leaving the Mawson Trail, it is good.

The forests, wheat fields and vineyards are truly beautiful.


The road signs of the Mawson trail are good.

It is only once or twice per day that I have to fallback to map and compass.


The maps are excellent. So it is quite easy to find my way.


To me the greatest challenge of the trail was the physical effort. Those dirt roads, some good, some bad, are hard to do on a push bike.

Push bike

The Flevobike Greenmachine has done a marvelous job.

Tyres, suspension, wheels and brakes all did a great job.

The steel luggage carrier tubes from the famous Kiwi blacksmith from Mount Pleasant are the most sturdy part of the bike.

A mountain bike would have been nice on the trails going up hill though.


The height differences were most tough for me, especially on the more sandy dirt roads.

Going up is a battle against gravity.

On some sections I would have loved to have an off road motorbike, just for a few minutes. But well, the physical challenge was doable, even for an untrained fellow like me.

I lie the roads downhill much better, although they push both rider and bike to their limits.



Well, I have finished my Guinness.

No more pre-plotted route for me.
no signs,
no detailed map.

My path will be Unplotted.

The bitumen road going west feels as a kind of liberation.

Just simply head west, follow the compass.

No fixed destination, so never feel lost. I love it!

Till next nut,