Ceduna, 28 March 2009


It is like somebody is tapping gently on my shoulder. I did not see anybody coming though.
zeehond Baird Bay
Ocean Eco
My mind is absorbed by breathing and looking. Hardly any experience with a snorkel, that is why.
Looking sideways I see the smile of a big sea lion. He is the leader of the pack.
It is like him telling me: G'day mate, welcome. I am your host. How about come and chat with me for a sec?
The sea lion colony at Baird Bay is a happy bunch.
There are sharks behind the reef. That is a danger zone.
But things are safe here. The sharks consider the shallow water above the reef as a dangerous trap.

They would not dare go past it.

So the shallow waters is like a playground for sea lions.

The human guide piles up rocks under water.

The young sea lions just love to toss those towers. It is great fun, over and over again.

These sea lions are just like small kids.

The big sea lion is having a rough game with the guide, a kind of tugger war for adults.
A sandbank near the beach has some sea lions basking in the sun. There are some more basking sea lions at the beach.
I am a guest in an animal world. It is new to me, yet very familiar.

Till next nut,