MH138 ADL KUL, 7 April 2009


Some plans outshine reality.

Camping in Denial Bay is such a shining plan.

Denial Bay dusks upon arrival. The beach looks inviting. Bugger... Camping prohibited.

So, cycle a few more kilometers. The sand dunes there look like a fine alternative.

A small beach and mangroves share the cost line. Those mangroves should have alarmed me.

The sand dunes are swamped with mozzies.

Against the odds I assume these mosquitos will go.

Now that assumption is way to optimistic. I just arrived in the home of the mozzies. The very one thing that should go is me.

Pig headed I still roll out the swag. The mosquitos have a ball in anticipation.

Their buzzing blend into a symphony. Individual mozzies are lost in the quire.

I wipe a layer of mozzies from my hands. It is a hopeless effort. It just takes seconds for a fresh battalion to arrive.

The swag is full with mozzies too.

It is as if they are challenging me.

Come on, roll out your swag!

The mozzies on my sleeping bag look forward to their meal too. It is like they are queuing up for dinner. And that dinner is me.
How about heading back to Ceduna in the dark?

Hm, it is tempting.

There is an empty bungalow there. And it has a mozzie free bed room.

No. I am stubborn.

O, if only I brought a couple of mosquito coils. But not, I left those in Ceduna too.

So, I will just sleep with all my clothes on. The lesser exposed skin the better.

I step into the sleeping bag and crawl deep into the swag.

With a fly net I try to keep my face free of mozzies.

I close the sleeping back from the inside.

The night passes slow, very slow. Every now and then I gasp for some fresh air and a fresh dose of mosquitos.

Now wasn't that a shining plan, camping in Denial Bay? This reality could have been better though.

When the morning comes, my hands are covered by mosquito bytes.
The individual bytes have conglomerated.

It is just one big red plain of mosquito bytes.

This camp is over.

I quickly roll up my gear.

Back in Denial Bay center I try to massage the pain away. It is hopeless.

A swim in the salt sea water offers a bit of relieve.

Back in Ceduna the shower never felt better.

I had another night of camping in mind, in Laura Bay this time.

I give that plan a miss.

The certainty of a mozzie free bed room is too tempting. I will spend some more time in Ceduna.

Till next nut,