Taiping, 15 April 2009


All journeys must end.

Yet this end is too soon.

There is something wrong with this end.

My last night is a bit chaotic. I do not sleep well, miss a bed sheet.
The morning newspaper is without news.

It is as if today should not exist.

It is weird to say bye bye to the roti canai shop, where I enjoy my daily breakfasts.
I should hurry to catch the train to Kuala Lumpur.

I am slowed down by rain. That morning rain is weird.

Here, rain usually starts late afternoon.

It is as if Taiping is trying to stop me.

At the train station my bike pedals are hard to get off.
The train manager nags about my bike.

Why did I not take a night train?

There is a lady in my reserved seat. Yet another detail that is just not right.
Now let me have a look at my ticket. Yes, this is my seat.

But the date does not match my watch. I am one day early!

Quickly I unload luggage and bike from the train.

The train manager comes to see me. He is happy to accommodate me on todays train, even with a ticket for tomorrow.

No thank you.

Time in Malaysia is made of rubber.

Suddenly my holiday has been streched into an extra day.

I am off and will enjoy a very lazy day!

Till next nut,