bike in train

australia, great southern rail


  • No problem to load a bike into the luggage carriage.
  • You may have to pay for an extra piece of luggage.

2013, Alice Springs

Ghan, Alice Springs

ktmb malaysia


night train

bike in night train from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping


Dutch railways

  • €6 for a bike day ticket
  • lift your bike up a stairs most of the time
  • Bike storage area seems improvised
  • Bikes are not fixed, fall over

ns intercity


  • Bike storage in doubledeckers is at the second door.
  • In other trains it is at the very front or back.
  • So you must run to board the train in time.

intercity stairs

Stairs in NS intercity to bike storage

limited space

Limited space in NS intercity for bicycles

no storage

  • No bike storage in the old intercity from Zwolle to Roosendaal
  • I have to improvise.
  • ACE Puma's bumper makes it too easy to take a stand.


Stand for a recumbent in the NS intercity from Zwolle to Roosendaal

ns local train


  • The bike storage is in the center of some local trains.
  • And in the front or back in others.


  • NS local trains have more bike storage space than the intercities.
  • Hmm, it is the long distances I travel by train.

stairs in local train

Starts in NS local train to bike storage area

arriva local train

warm welcome

bike storage

  • a smart design for bike transport in trains
  • no stairs at entrace
  • giant bike storage space
  • secure your bike with a belt

space for 12 bicycles

Space for 12 bicycles in Arriva train


  • Please, let arriva and ns compete on same lines.
  • So recumbent rides have a choice take a stand or lie down.

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