mental distance

mental distance

  • Mental distance do you know that expression?
  • Dr. Verhoef has coined the phrase.
  • Just a few front runners know Verhoef's hi-psy theory of design.


  • Dr. Verhoef does not define thinking distance, as Psychologist have yet to define thinking.
  • Hm, artists lacking a definition of art.


definition of thinking


  • So I've dived into thought myself.
  • First the definition of thought: Thought is mental labour that leads to new conclusions.


  • A new conclusion is a thought you did not reach yet.
  • Worrying distincts from thinking by going round in circles.
  • Thinking leads to a mental step forwards.


  • An increased level of certainty is such a step forwards.
  • Yesterday I thought never to understand women. Today I am sure.

definition of mental distance

mental distance

  • definition of mental distance: The number of thinking steps from available knowledge to a goal conclusion.


  • Mental distance is a useful concept in artificial intelligence.
  • The computer is the hard thinking slave, that bridges mental distances for humans.

robot thinker

end of thought

mental distance 0

  • Ideally the mental distance is reduced to zero.
  • Conclusions are up for grabs.
  • To sense is to know.
  • No need for thought.

which recumbent


  • ACE soon introduces a recumbent configurator.
  • Which parts suit my dream recumbent best?

think slave

  • Advanced AI selects matching parts.
  • The computer works hard, thinks hard to assemble the best recumbent for you.

AI advises

hard thinker

  • If the hard thinking slave can do al the mental work, the human will reach mental distance zero.
  • The goal is up for grabs.


  • Puma: outback proof.


  • My Puma is a fine piece of engineering.
  • ACE has thought out all parts well, no AI used, yet still mental distance zero.
  • Destination of thought reached.

Till next nut,
Henk Jan Nootenboom