design service for 24 hour rosters

for who?

  • Small and medium size 7x24 organisations
  • departments running around the clock
  • with 3, 4, 5 shift work teams


  • you need a new roster as a result of growth, rising workload or extra manpower.
  • a fair go for all staff


  1. have sumit contact you.
  2. discuss your requirements
  3. receive a quotation
  4. A few days later you have a new design for your roster.


  • a rolling roster pattern.
  • tailored to your manpower requirements.
  • in concert with labour laws
  • healthy
The SUMit Buddha that arranges your roster


  1. The SUMit Roster Buddha solves your puzzle
  2. the specialist in rolling 24 hour rosters for 3, 4, 5 teams.

how much?

  • your investment depends on the complexity of your roster
  • a standard roster for multiple teams starts at just € 788 ex VAT.

Terry Russell, Manager Queensland Governement, Australië

Terry Russell

  • nobody could solve my roster problem.
  • but sumit did it, from the other side of the globe.


  • 24x7, more work in days than nights
  • 4 part timers, 8 full timers
  • 1 male, 1 female on duty
  • change team composition


  • Two patterns
  • one for part timers, one for full timers
  • patterns fit together like yin and yang, complement each other
  • all requirements fullfilled

Francois Greeff, Manager Total petrol station, highway Cape - Johannesburg

Francois Greeff

  • I tried to fulfill my requirements with an Excel roster.
  • It takes a genious and many days of sweating.
  • Actually, I think it is impossible.


  • 3 teams on quiet days, 4 on peak days
  • rest according South African labour law
  • adjacent off days
  • minimise number of casuals


  • repeating pattern for all staff at the petrol pumps
  • less staff on quiet days
  • and minimal number of casuals.

do you have a complex shift roster puzzle?