Expert Systems

SUMit's roster generator creates an excellent roster, complying to your business rules, a tailor made solution tuned to your unique situation.

The underlying SUMit expert system technology balances your business rules with great detail. This advanced planning software easily copes with:


Diagram with flexible business rule, in the user's language
An employee must have sufficient experience
and be well rested.

SUMit tailors these diagrams for you.
SUMit's expert system technology can balance many business rules.
  • Every criterion has a tailormade definition, expressed in the user's language. In the diagram you see an example of such a definition.
  • The definitions can grow as complex as necessary. Every rule can consist of sub rules, which also decompose into sub rules, etceteras.
  • A roster program can easily balance all kind of criteria, no matter how complex your business rules are.


Automatically computed scores for possible duties. A lot of computer systems think only in terms of black and white. SUMit's roster planning software thinks more like a human planner, in shades of good and bad.

The system computes with school-like grades, where each possible combination of employee-task gets a score on a scale from 1 to 10.

Example: an employee scores for the night shift just a bit lower (9.26) than for the evening shift (9.88).


A duty roster is full of conflicting interests:
  • The company wishes to have sufficient manpower on duty. An employee wishes to take the leave that he is entitled to.
  • Experienced employees are best for some tasks, but inexperienced employees must have the opportunity to learn.
  • Most employees are reluctant to run standby duties, yet every evening requires a standby staff member.
SUMit's rule based roster software
  1. balances these interests
  2. processes them into a weighted average (score or school-grade)
  3. and searches a good overall solution.


Business rules change. In a SUMit roster system rules adapt easily to your changing business, before and after implementation. Different rules lead to different behaviour, another roster.

SUMit can extend the system fast and easily. To add an extra business rule takes only a day or two. This allows you to adapt fast to

  • changing business markets,
  • new procedures,
  • or special agreements with your customers.
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