Planning software for Supply and Demand

At the bottom of this page you'll find a demo of planning software, written in JAVA. You can use this software to: JAVA Demo applet at the bottom of this page
  • Optimally plan scarce resources.
  • Minimise costs.
  • Find the optimum combination between Supply and Demand.
It may take a minute or so to start up the JAVA software (119K). In the meantime you can sit back, relax and have a look at the instructions and examples:
Roster planning Who runs which shift?
Task Assignment Who does what?
Route Planning Who goes where?
Match Making Who suits who?


You'll plot supply and demand in a matrix.

A size 5 matrix The next example shows five available pilots (supply of manpower) against five destinations (demand for manpower).

You'll assign a score to every possibility, a kind of report mark comparable with jury points.

The planning software at the bottom of this page uses an advanced algorithm to quickly find the optimum distribution, the green coloured cells.

You can work on an alternative solution by changing the scores. You'll immediately see the green squares shift to a new optimum. Copy the solution

When you're happy with the result you can copy the solution to a text processor from the tab panel 'Solution'.

A few examples

Roster planning Who runs which shift?
Task Assignment Who does what?
Route Planning Who goes where?
Match Making Who suits who?

Example 1: Roster Planning

It's your job to create a roster for employees working round-the-clock, e.g. a hospital, fire brigade or hotel.
Roster Planning Supervisor Day Shift Evening Shift Night Shift Day Off
John 15388
Jack 59772
Bill 42785
Richard 8 8759
Debby 25415
The matrix above shows scores for every employee-shift combination. A 9 means highly suitable, a 1 means very bad. Of course some shifts are better suited to an employee than others. If one has just finished a night shift, one can not do a day shift.

You'll quickly find the optimum assignments using the demo planning software.
Optimal assignments
9JackDay Shift
7BillEvening Shift
8JohnNight Shift
5DebbyDay Off

Example 2: Task Assignment

You are the project leader of a team and must assign several tasks to your staff.
Task Assignment Analyst Developer Tester
Steve 1085
Brian 10110
Dave 766
You assign a score for every possible employee-task combination. 10 means highly suitable, 1 is to be avoided.

The Planning Software gives you the optimum assignments:

Example 3: Route Planning

Available drivers and the starting points for new rides You plan the rides of an international transport company. You have several requests for transport. Unfortunately the drivers available are scattered over different locations. It is your task to minimise the empty rides to the new assignments.

You have a map with the available drivers and the starting points of the new rides.

A tailormade SUMit expert system computes a score for every possible combination driver-starting point. 10 means perfect, 1 means very bad. This score is based on business specific criteria such as:

Using the the planning software at the bottom of this page you determine the optimum planning, the green squares in the following matrix.
Minimise empty rides to Rotterdam to Maastricht to Dusseldorf to Munich to Almere to Maastricht to Spijkenisse to Zoetermeer to Dusseldorf to Dusseldorf to Antwerp to Prague
Bram in Rotterdam 1075187975571
Edward in Cologne 48964not possible449955
Peter in Cologne 489648449955
Markus in Antwerp 7752677655101
Henk Jan in Antwerp 7752677655101
John in Antwerp 7752677655101
Paul in Basel 126812226627
George in Berlin 12311211331 5
Ringo in Groningen 664186774441
Jacky in Hamburg 554165564432
Mike in Maastricht 710826not possible778884
Suzanne in Paris 57524not possible555581
The matrix for this problem is quite complex already. Nevertheless, the planning software demo finds the optimum solution in a fraction of a second.

A graphical view shows the optimum planning.
The optimum planning, minimised empty rides
Two drivers (John in Antwerp and Bram in Rotterdam) are at the right location for the next assignment. Just 10 out of 12 drivers need an empty transport to their next ride.

Example 4: Match Making

Match Making Janice
A Chicken Miss Piggy
No match yet
Sgt. Floyd Webber
The Great Gonzo
You are running a match making agency. For your customers you search for the best possible match, using their profiles (www..../profiles.htm). That can be quite a challenging job. In the given example you will have to disappoint at least one customer.

Using the planning software demo you reach the following results:

Planning Software Demonstration

Use the planning software demo below to optimise usage of scarce resources.
  1. Put the tasks on the horizontal axes, the demand for manpower
  2. Put the employees on the vertical axes, the supply of manpower
  3. In each cell, assign a score for the possible combination task-employee (1= very bad, 10= excellent).
The software quickly finds the optimal combination and highlights it in green.
A size 5 matrix
Enable Java in your browser and see a working matrix like the one above.
Would you like to know more on SUMit's advanced planning software? Just contact SUMit for tailormade software that suits your unique business situation.