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10 Java regels Java J2EE Frequently Asked Questions
What is J2EE? What are the advantages?

Thanks to Mark van Dijk for this link.

10 Java maxims 10 Java Maxims
Finish software on time, with the right quality and longevity. That's a goal of many project, but due to time pressure it seems an unreachable goal. It can be done. Apply 10 Java maxims.

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Thinking Thinking in Java
Thinking in Java is a classic for Java programmers. Old versions of the book are online available for download.

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10 Java regels Scott Ambler's Online Writings
Scott Ambler's Online Writings
A lot of information on OO, Java standards and a generic solution for persistency of objects.
Smalltalk Industry Council Smalltalk Industry Council
Smalltalk Industry Council Smalltalk is a modern object oriented language. In 1960 Smalltalk was far ahead of its time with automatic memory management and a 100% pure OO approach, even for integers, strings and characters.

The language is extremely productive, especially in the hands of an experienced Smalltalker. Using Smalltalk it is possible to build systems that would be impossible with conventional languages.

Object Studio Object Studio
Object Studio is a 100% OO Smalltalk development environment. The tool is perfect for Client-Server applications because it supports all popular databases on a number of platforms (OS/2, Win3.11, Win95 & NT). In addition the tools is suited for interfacing with conventional legacy systems.
Smalltalk Industry Council Java Message Board
Do you have questions on software development with Java? The answer might be on this message board already. You're likely to get swift answers to your questions.
Bitter EJB Bitter EJBBitter EJB
Bruce Tate and other authors provide excellent advice on EJB's for experienced software developers, listing does and dont's as design patterns and anti patterns.
SUN's Java Sun's Java
Java is the young, sexy sister of the OO family. The language has an unmatched popularity, even after a few years. There is a number of good reasons:
  • Companies with a wide diversity of computer systems benefit from Java's platform independent character. Sun's Java Java runs a.o. on Linux, Apple, Windows, OS/2 en Unix.
  • Java facilitates e-commerce by servlets using JSP (java.sun.com/.../jsp)
  • Java supports Object Orientation really well.
The SUN website offers the latest Java developments.
PHP OO Tutorial OO programming with PHP
PHP fully supports Object Orientation, including classes, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. It even offers late binding, just like Smalltalk.

PHP is also able to call java classes, see onlamp.com/...

OO Object Orientation
SUMit uses Object Orientation to build software that others classify as impossible. OO shortens development time, develops more reliable software and eases reuse. A short explanation of the OO principles encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance.
Smalltalk manpower Smalltalk manpower
Need a Smalltalker? Rent-a-brain! SUMit supplies experienced Smalltalk manpower with a broad experience with this pure OO language.
Java manpower Java manpower
A bit short on Java manpower? Looking for OO expertise? SUMit supplies Java manpower on contract basis with experience in 100% pure Java.