ADP's Perman II

Perman II is a unique personnel management system that excels in flexibility.

Users can adapt the system, no programming required. They can change screen layouts, add new fields and define permitted values. It is very easy to adapt the system for a new employee benefits program, new collective agreements, new labour laws, etceteras. That makes Perman permanently up-to-date.

Perman II is a ADP ( product. ADP is market leader in the USA for salary and personnel systems. ADP Holland gained a competitive advantage of years compared to the Dutch competition.

SUMit developed serveral Perman software modules for ADP such as

  • an interface to authorities for medical leave data,
  • importing Excel files to, for example, salary updates,
  • the GUI design of a database check tool,
  • an XML interface to the Employee Selfd Service system.s
ADP Netherlands ( is happy to provide you further information Phone +31-10-4598644.