My blood is full of tropics, I'll take them all along. The sun shines from my lips, when I sing a song.

Is it your eyes?
Is it your voice?
Is is the things you do me that make me so happy here?

Cool Bukit Fraser, the morning sun.
A Roti Canai is how my day begun.

O Kuala Lumpur, relaxed city.
I would cry from sadness if you wouldn't be around.

Tropical Malaysia, is it your smile?
Is it your food that I'll miss most, every day?

I'll never make a living with my voice. Singing Bear is one of my nicknames here. What I relief that I am in computer business.

Next week this singing bear will be back in Holland, the world of frozen ditches, users OO, ergonomics, and paper prototypes.

Till next week!
Nut, 11jan1999