Monday, 17 June 2002
  • On which side will the doors open? Train commuters know this questions. Experienced travellers know on which side the platform will appear and queue up for the right door.
  • Meanwhile at the platform the departing passengers are eager to rush to get a seat.
commuters hindering each other getting in and out When the doors open things get difficult for a moment. Disembarking passengers work like a cork, stop the outgoing flow.

Idea, from the shuttle at KLIA (

Use doors at both sides
trains with platforms at both sides

  • Train stations will have platforms on both sides of a rail track.
  • Platforms on both sides will have the same number.
It is quite a change.
Tip: Use this idea at
airports to make money.
Short aircraft turnarounds
are worth millions.
But... the national railways will get something in return: shorter stops, transport of more passengers in the same time with the same equipment and staff.
  1. On arrival the door on the far side of the main station entrance will open first. Experienced passengers, the majority during rush hour, know which side opens first. They align the stream, even before arrival.

    The boarding passengers will avoid to walk a few extra meters. Coming from the main station entrance they will group at the first platform with the right number.

  2. Arriving passengers disembarking at the quiet side The stream of disembarking passengers will start to move as soon as the doors open.
  3. As soon as the train has sufficient space the other doors will open for the incoming stream.
  4. embarkign and disembarking passengers moving in the same direction The last disembarking passengers and the first embarking passengers walk in the same direction.
Smart thinking, there at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. They are all there.

Till next week,