Monday, 12 August 2002
Market in Gouda The hottest days of summer seem over. The weather is nice. Tourists and locals stroll over the Saturday market.

The patio's are full. Finding a free table takes a quest for this local and tourist. A free place on the terrace is like a valuable discovery. On week days the terraces are empty and thus attract a smaller crowd.

  • Does scarcity make a product more attractive?
  • Or do people just want to join a sitting, safe herd?
Would the same principles work on the web? Is the combination of a limited supply and many other customers a crowd pleaser?

you are lucky. There is one free place for you now as reader of this Nut's Weekly.

  • Does appreciation of a web column increase if the number of readers is limited to a maximum?
  • Are you extra satisfied that you have achieved a place in the audience of readers?
  • Does it help to know that you are visitor of this Nut's Weekly?
Till next week,