Tanah Rata, Monday 12th January 2004
Parit Falls is a quiet place. The falling water rustles. A bird sings his song far in the woods. Some butterflies play catch-me-if-you-can. That's all.

Some Chinese play golf, a few kilometres away. It is fun to watch for a moment, but it is already too active for me. the bench at Parit Falls is about my regular location. A few tourists pass by, hiking trail number 4. Mr. Mogan uses a public shelter as sales office for his jungle trips.

My tempo gets lower and lower. A visit to a butterfly farm (.../cameron/...) was about the most active part of last week. the day starts with some roti canai (geocities.com/...) for breakfast, buying water and a stroll through the jungle. Suddenly evening falls and the day is over.

The lower my beat, the faster the days seem to pass by. So, to enjoy my holiday a bit longer, I'll accelerate a bit. Today I leave the highlands, off to Kuala Kangsar, (.../KualaKangsar), the royal town of Perak's sultan.

Till next nut,