Monday, 22nd March 2004
It is still tricky to get paid on line. The Siemens phones from last nut were ordered on line, but were paid in an old fashioned way.
  1. I typed my e-mail address, company name and address at an HTML form.
  2. The shop sent me an order number and payment instructions by e-mail.
  3. I retyped those payment details in the web site of my on-line bank service.
  4. The local postman delivered the package, including the invoice.
That is a fine procedure, but there must be an easier way.
  • Why did I have to retype the order details?
  • Why didn't the computers exchange information?

Online payment services

Yes, there are easier ways. A lot of web sites support credit card payments. It is an easy way of paying, just type the credit card number. There is no extra charges for the customer, the supplier pays the costs. There is a wide variety of charges among the several on line payment services.

For the Dutch as well as the SUMit on line roster package I compared a few suppliers. Which on line payment service is most suitable for me? A few possibilities, in alphabetical order.
Supplier Advantages Disadvantages Suitable for
  • Supports credit cards
  • Low, fixed transaction costs
  • No other payment methods
  • Dutch language only
  • Scope: the Netherlands only
  • Initial costs
  • Monthly fee
  • Low to high volume
  • Credit card payments by Dutch customers
  • Supports credit cards
  • A lot of payment methods, soon supporting bank money transfers
  • Low, fixed transaction costs
  • Dutch, English and French language support
  • High volume
  • International customers
  • 40 million accounts worldwide
  • Credit card support
  • Other payment methods
  • Low threshold: e-mail address
  • No initial/monthly fee
  • Low transaction costs
  • Customer must open an account
  • High volume
  • International customers
  • No initial fee
  • No monthly fee
  • Low rates for high amounts
  • No credit card payments
  • High rates for low amounts
  • Customer must open account
  • Scope: the Netherlands only
  • Customers in the Netherlands
  • Reoccurring payments of high amounts


The international SUMit on line roster program are best served by Ogone and Paypal.

However, I have not found the perfect on line payment service yet. Each payment service providers has at least one disadvantage:

For the moment the SUMit roster customers will receive an old fashioned, paper invoice.

Idea: E-AG, Electronic Accept Giro

An good on line service should be possible: easier, more accessible and cheaper. A lot of Dutch individuals and companies use on line banking services. That is an interesting, large and growing target group.

Would it be possible to reuse this existing infrastructure of the payer's own bank?

Idea: The Electronic Accept Giro (EAG). The EAG will be the electronic version of the current Dutch paper accept giro, a fine payment method for Dutch and maybe even international customers.
Paper version Electronic version
  1. The supplier specifies the order id, product, amount, own bank account and name on the accept giro.
  2. The customer completes the form with own bank account, name and address and mails the signed form to the own bank.
  1. Supplier issues a HTTP POST to a payment portal with: order id, product description, amount, own bank account and name.
  2. The customer types his bank account number and automatically gets rerouted to the on line service of the own bank. Just log in using the own on line banking service to accept the payment.

Till next nut,