Friday, 31st December 2004
My agenda is reaching its last pages. 2004 is almost over, it has been a good year. It's about time to close the year. The days have past their shortest time of the year, but the winter is still in its darkest weeks. My artificial sun wakes me up every morning, but that is just to maintain a rhythm.

The account books of 2004 are closed. 2005 is still an empty folder and it will be for the next couple of weeks. It is the perfect time to visit Mata Hari. I do not know whether I'll witness the turnover into the new Year. I do not even know in which country I'll be at new year eve and changes I won't even know at midnight.

Today, on the last day of the year I'll fly against time, through time zones and will probably not even have a midnight moment. The aircraft will land in the new year while the Netherlands are still living in 2004. The tropical sun will shine the winter out of my skull.

Work continues, but in a more agreeable climate and with a mee-soup within walking distance. For the next couple of weeks you can reach me by e-mail only.

The real holiday will start afterwards. A hot highlight will be Ayer's Rock, right in the center of Australia's outback. That is quite a distance from home, can't go much more. On the way back I'll catch some sun in Malaysia again and then I'll be ready to start the new year in the Netherlands.

In the meantime my home will get some serious maintenance, a new kitchen, bathroom and toilet. So I'll arrive in a kind of new home. I am not going for a holiday, I am actually moving home for weeks, moving minimal stuff yet have everything available in the new house!

Have a selamat tahun baru.

Till next nut,