MH122 SYD KUL, 14th February 2005
I really enjoyed the walk around Uluru, not just because of the rock, but because of the company too. Now that is special as have an INFP character. I usually enjoys things in all tranquility, running on just my own steam. It is exceptional for me to have fun in a group. But the 500 km from Alice Springs through desert to Uluru was too tough to cross on my own. So yes, this solitary grumpy bear enrolled for a 3 day tour and enjoyed it too. Now, how is that possible?

Northern Territory

Well, the centre of Australia is just great. The outback is rough, but pleasant, with a distinct character of its own. The Northern Territory is more Australian than Australia itself. These blokes do not even wish to be a state. They would be too similar to their neighbours West-Australia, South-Australia and Queensland. As Northern Territory they stand out, but North-Australia would not be anything special.

The group

The group was an odd gathering of people, driven together by a common interest: the red centre of Australia.
Diletta and Antonio are the shining stars of the group.

They shine with full glory, as they are on their way to get married, somewhere on a tropical beach in the Pacific Ocean. These Italian stars simply have style, with an ease and elegance that is far out of reach for us North Europeans.

Kalu, a French lady from Paris, accustomed to comfort, quality wines and French parties.

She is the connecting link between the English speakers and the Italians. Her translations, from English to English, make history, are fun to hear, yet extraordinary effective. She alone bridges the communication gap.

Lizi, a lady from London, on a great journey from New-Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and South-Africa.

She is the great communicator, connects with just about everybody. Her positive attitude succeeds in getting a lady with fear of heights all the way through the Kings Canyon. That is special enough on its own, but it goes one step further. The feared ascends and descends turn into small parties and all of that as if it is nothing special.

The English flying sisters are months away from home, flying around the globe.

Their nickname arises after a rough helicopter flight with the doors off. I especially enjoyed their British, cool served humour.

Lynn and her Norwegian mother Karin, who just arrived the day before in Sydney, straight into the heat from the Norwegian winter. I keep special memories to her smile, ability to enjoy and endurance. And last but not least: Carl, the Aussie guide from Sahara, super relaxed, with a good sense of humour, team builder, chef de cuisine on BBQ and wood fire and the coolest driver ever, who turns left 3 times at exactly the right moment on a 1.200+ km journey.

Special people, around a special rock in a special territory. The three day tour was a pleasure to this solitary grumpy bear and that is very, very special.

Till next Nut,