Monday, 21st November 2005


The train is slowing down. The slowdown pushes me against a wall. It is as if gravity works horizontally. Could it be that acceleration and gravity are one and the same thing? Hm, interesting thought. So, what kind of acceleration am I dealing with? The only possible answer is that earth grows ever faster, and me too. As everything grows in proportion I do not notice the growth. The double growth causes an acceleration causing a gravity experience. The experience is fake. Earth pushes me from below. I grow with my feet towards earth, pushes the earth down.

On the shore of a beach the double growth shows. Feet sink into the wet sand until the ground is solid enough to resist the growth.

On solid ground I can try to escape by jumping into the air, but growth overtakes me. I looks like I fall back to earth, but in reality growth is faster than my jump.

So, if you want to escape earth you got to outspeed growth. Venture into space with a rocket supplies sufficient speed.

Space is growing continuously. The distance between objects only grows if they separate faster than growth can keep up.

Distance is relative. The growing distances are not measurable, as every form of measurement grows in proportion. Thesis:

Time is absolute, distance is relative.
So, is the speed of light constant? No, light travels faster and faster, must travel ever growing distances. Hmm, it is about time to give the theory of relativity a firm push.

Till next nut,