Ghan, 8-10 March 2006


Sixty thousand years. Nobody knows the exact age of the Aboriginal culture. Highest estimates are around sixty thousand years. The Aboriginals have the oldest, living culture of all humans. Now that is impressive.

The Aboriginal culture outdates the Romans, Greek and Egyptians easily. Those were just recent developments on a 60,000 years timescale.

This timescale spans such a long time that climate changes are visible in Kakadu's rock art.

Wow, a culture so old that is seems climates come and go. It is beyond my level of comprehension, demands respect.

Kakadu, Arnhem Land

The larger part of Australia has a rather hash, dry climate. The top end of the Northern Territory (NT) is and exception in the wet season. Nature is green during the wet, everything grows with a tropical enthousiasm. Rivers flow at full force, waterfals offer inviting places for a swim. Forests offerr shade, the NT is a good place to be.

Odd, but most tourists stay away from the wet, just when nature here is at its best.

Accessing Arnhem Land is difficult. During the wet roads are flooded. And even in the dry it is hard, you need a special permit to enter.

Cultural Centre

The Aboriginal centre in Kakadu offers a view into another world.

Answers on Aborignal Culture

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Now the Aboriginal culture far different from anything I know. When I return from Kakadu I am loaded with questions.

Glen Bird, Aborignal art agent in Katherine, running the most agreable internet café in Katherine answers all my questions.

Glen Bird has Aboriginal blood. His knowledge comes first hand, comes naturally.

Katherine is the gateway to Kakadu and Arnhem land. So Glen's Aborignal Art Galery in Katherine is close to the source. He knows the faces behind each artist name, recognises the handwriting of every artist in every painting.

Ghan departure

Time of departure has arrived. The Ghan taks me to Adelaide in a two nights journey. The wet season says bye-bye to me in style: with a powerful tropical shower. No worries, I'm sure to return to the Top End.

Till next nut,