27 November 2006


Last week every broadcast on Dutch public news radio was filled with Dutch parliament elections. One politician after the other tried to create a favourable impression in interviews. It was like a parade of slime balls, not really of interest.

I think Dutch public radio is overestimating the importance of elections. It is like the rest of world stands still. There is no other news available. It was all just too much for me.

On the evening of election day the news station is not worth listening to. I could not care less about the vote count from each and every small town.

As the evening progresses, the radio broadcasts predictions. Now those predictions can't bother me either. I actually just want to know the final results. Please bring me those results at the end of the evening. It should not last any longer than a minute or two.

When the results are just about final, it is party time at all political parties. It seems irrelevant which party gains or looses seats in parliament. Just about everybody seems to have won the elections. I even heart the loosing prime minister proclaiming winning gold. Now that was a fine moment to switch off the radio. I'll hear the final results tomorrow.

The Final Results

The next day I have to look up the results on Internet.
2006 2003
CDA 41 44
PvdA 33 42
SP 25 9
VVD 22 28
PVV 9 -
GroenLinks 7 8
CU 6 3
D66 3 6
PvdD 2 -
SGP 2 2
Fortuyn 0 8
Ok, fine, these are the results. A line of numbers, but not really interpretable.

Winners and loosers in parliament seats

Gained seat
Lost seat
Kept seat
Government party Recent government party
SP Groen
PvdD PvdA D66 CDA CU SGP VVD Fortuyn PVV


It seems this country does not like those in power. The Dutchman prefers to oppose rather than to support. Opposition brings more votes than being in power.

So, those who wish absolute poser, best leave power to other political parties. Stay in opposition, whatever happens, until there is no other party running for government. Even when there is no other party left, stay in opposition. Because power evaporates quickly!

When the power avoiders gain absolute power, it will be the end of political campaigns. Will I be saved from all the political chit chat? Will the news station broadcast news?

Till next nut,