12 January 2009


Hotel Paris,

It is a cold winter in the Netherlands.
The southern state of Limburg got covered by a thick layer of snow.
It was 20 degrees below zero down south.
The traffic jams got worst by the snow. Highways got to a slowdown.
What is a good alternative for cars?
To me a recumbent bicycle & train make the perfect combination. I see traffic jams only from afar.
The train overtakes all traffic jams.
The train's first class offers tranquility, space, a comfortable office for long distance journeys.
The recumbent bike brings the whole of the Netherlands within cycling distance of train stations.

more about podcars at beamways.com

cross train and car

A tech talk on podcars by beamways shows a cross between train and car.
I kind of like those podcars.
And... a podcar offers sufficient cargo space to bring a recumbent bicycle.

podcar ideas

podcar idea 1

Why need a double track in the narrow European city centers?

One way traffic in a hexagon network suffices.

Reply by Bengt Gustafsson

Beamways prefers double direction:
  1. more guideway for the same money
  2. higher capacity
  3. shorter travel distances
See advantages of double direction lines.

podcar idea 2

Why have a headway between podcars?

Link podcars into a a car train.

Safety guaranteed. Connected objects can't crash.

Reply by Bengt Gustafsson

High speed requires a mechacical connection, which is feasible at low speed only.

podcar idea 3

Why carry luggage home from the station?

Load the podcar onto a dolly at the station.

Remain seated while the podcar continues as taxi to your front door.

Reply by Bengt Gustafsson

Loading and unloading would impact throughput at stations. A short walk will be faster.

And... walking a few hundred meters benefits your health!

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