Elliston, 14 March 2009


Some new places make me feel at home right away.

The Scissor Bar

Keep your cool

Esplanade, Coffin Bay, South Australia
+61 8 8685 4486

Coffin Bay is a place that makes me feel at home.
Even before arrival I liked the place.
There were some emus alongside of the road.
In the evening some kangaroos were grazing in the village.
Coffin Bay

The village is just a small spot at the edge of Coffin Bay National Park.

The road meanders along the bay.
There are houses at the other side of the road.
Outside the summer tourist peak it is just a small village with only 500 people.
Coffin Bay is relaxed.
There are not many things to do and that is fine with me.
Coffin Bay does have two small shops.
One is a kind of supermarket, but is a restaurant too (with good breakfast), sells fishing gear and is a petrol station.
The other one is a general story, but is also a bakery and sells magazines.
Time has its own special rhythm here.
It is possible to buy the weekend paper on Saturday, but no rush, it will be a available for a few days to follow.
If you want the latest news you will have to sleep late, as newspapers get supplied from outside the village.
If you are looking for a crowd and a supermarket, head for the big town of Port Lincoln.

Coffin Bay National Park

Cycle beyond Coffin Bay and you will find Coffin Bay National Park.
Yangie Bay has a small camping area, where the bitumen road ends.
Now camping sites here mean areas without near a lake.
Nobody is camping here.
There are more camping areas further west, along a bit of dirt road,
Those should be even more relaxed.
Sigh, Coffin Bay is quiet, but here i just feel completely senang.
Aargh, I am in doubt.
How about giving a miss to the rest of my unknown journey to come,
and just roll out my swag here?
Sigh, no, but I will be back for sure.
My next escape of Dutch winter will be at a camping site in Coffin Bay National Park.
For crowds and weekly shopping I will cycle to eh...
...Coffin Bay.

Till next nut,